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Dog sweat

Using the subversive urgency of cinema verite, the lives of six young people unfold in present day Iran. Misunderstood by their families and oppressed by conservative Islamic society, they act out their personal desires behind closed doors. A feminist finds herself in an affair with a married man; new lovers search for a place to be physically intimate; a gay man is faced with an arranged marriage; a female pop singer risks exposure; and a grief-stricken son lashes out at fundamentalists. Shot clandestinely throughout Tehran before the elections of 2009, Hossein Keshavarz’s provocative film, DOG SWEAT, challenges the status quo by providing the new generation of Iranians a fervent voice of rebellion.

Dog Sweat

(Irán, 2011)

Dirige: Hossein Keshavarz

Actúan: Ahmad Akbarzadeh, Tahereh Esfahani, Bagher Forohar

Guión: Hossein Keshavaz, Maryam Azadi

Fotografía: Ehsan Karimi

Fuente: Cine garage


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