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Dirty Girls

UPDATE #8: A brand-new «Dirty Girls» 2013 update video is now online, posted 1 year after the original documentary went on YouTube! Here is the «Dirty Girls 2013 Reunion»!

UPDATE #7: A new «Dirty Girls» 2013 follow-up interview with Harper is now online! Here’s the link:

Come to the free «Dirty Girls» screening in NYC this Tuesday April 30 at 7pm! It’s at The Kitchen at 512 W. 19th St. in the Dirty Looks film festival, showing with a number of other 90’s riot grrrl films. The director Michael Lucid and Dirty Girl Harper will be attending:


UPDATE #6: Here is the first of our outtake clips from the original 1996 footage! In this one, the girls address the rumors about their dirty hair, and Amber responds to the statement that she’s «famous on campus»:


Stay tuned for more outtake clips and 2013 follow-up videos coming soon!

UPDATE #5: Our first 2013 follow-up interview teaser clip is now online! More new «Dirty Girls» update videos coming soon, check back here for updates!


We also now have a Twitter account, where we’ll be posting more updates soon!


UPDATE #4: Dirty Girls Amber, Harper and I have started a new Facebook page for «Dirty Girls» called «Dirty Girls Project»! New follow-up interviews with Amber will be posted there later this week, with more videos on the way. We also want to hear from you! Why did this documentary connect with you? Why do you think people are responding to this video so much, especially right now? Let us know in comments on our Facebook page!


UPDATE #3: I’ve now started shooting a follow-up video with the «Dirty Girls»! Here’s a photo of me with Amber re-visiting our old high school this week, with video on the way:


Thank you SO MUCH to LA Weekly for the lovely article about the making of «Dirty Girls»!


UPDATE #2: A follow-up interview with Amber and Harper has now been posted on Vice.com! Now you can see and read what they’re up to! I’ll also be shooting some video interviews with Amber and Harper in the next month or so, and posting them here as well. Thank you for the 147,000+ views!! Amber, Harper and I are so excited about this wonderful response to the documentary! xoxoxo


UPDATE: Thank you so much for the wonderful response to «Dirty Girls»! I am so happy that people are watching the short doc, and enjoying getting to know the «dirty girls.» The #1 request I keep seeing in the comments is that people want to see an update on where the «dirty girls» are now, and what they’re up to. I think I very likely will do this sometime very soon! In the meantime, I can tell you that all of the dirty girls are leading happy, healthy and creative adult lives, at least as far as I can tell from their Facebook photos. Amber left that school 1 year after I shot this documentary, and she was much happier at her new school, an arts high school in LA. I did shoot some follow-up footage with the girls in 2000, but I never used the footage. I may start a follow-up project by going back to the 2000 footage to make the first follow-up video! I’ll keep you posted…

Shot in 1996 and edited in 2000, this is a short documentary about a group of 13-year-old riot grrrls in Los Angeles who were socially ostracized at their school by their peers and upperclassmen. Everyone in the schoolyard held strong opinions about these so-called «dirty girls,» and meanwhile the «dirty girls» themselves aimed to get their message across by distributing their zine across campus. Directed by Michael Lucid. Music: «Batmobile» by Liz Phair.



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